About Us


Mélange Paris is cosmopolitan, urbane and a champion for the common man. The beautiful world of Mélange Paris is viewed through a global prism. 

 Mélange Paris value and  promote diversity, inclusivity and equity. We believe  that representation matters that is why we support fashion from varied cultures.

 We also strongly believe that entrepreneurs have a social responsibility to help bring more accessibility to basic amenities to those who need it  the most hence  we are committed to the idea of giving away a portion of our products for free.

Melange Paris is also a leader and a champion of inclusion and diversity in fashion. At Melange Paris, all size, shade, beliefs, culture or disability is represented in our products.

One of our mission is to uplift the self esteem of those that have been disenfranchised and marginalized. We shall utilize accessible fashion as a vehicle to drive this initiative.

 We strongly believe that representation plays a major role in empowerment and could help in ushering in a more tolerant and equal world.

At Melange, we work everyday to challenge the status quo and usher in a world where people's beliefs, location, disabilities, size, color or culture is no longer a deterrent to living out or achieving dreams.


We are of a believe that kids around the world should have access to shoes, clothes, school bags and meals. We've team up with Charities in Africa to feed kids and distribute clothes, schools and bags to the needy. 

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Email: melangeGO@mail.com
5 Sundel Avenue
Toronto, Ontario


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