About Us

Mélange Paris welcome a tribe looking to make people in their respective world special. Our staffs have curated items that allow our customers to be creative, create and share special moments with their loved ones. 
At Mélange Paris,  fashion is viewed as a complex social phenomenon, involving sometimes conflicting motives; we also believe fashion is instrumental in creating an individual identity, making a statement or used as a tool to showcase one’s uniqueness.
Therefore we strive everyday to make Mélange Paris an uplifting experience that enriches our customers respective lives.


Mélange Paris thrives by being diverse and flexible enough to gratify our customer’s desire to embrace and express their fashion-ability. Mélange Paris cater to specific national, regional, ethnic, or religious markets. We also cater to ethno-religious fashion such as Hijah (religiously appropriate attire)  among Muslim women, making fashion affordable and also available to millions of Muslim women living in numerous countries worldwide. We went far as confront not only the aesthetics of modest attire but also the practical challenges associated with conservative dress by supplying modest yet effective swimwear and sportswear for Muslim female athletes. 

 Mélange Paris champion the cause of ordinary people, the people's champ if you will. We value diversity and promote equality for all. We believe in the idea that representation matters hence our store is used as a platform to support fashion from various cultures and new designers or locally made products with a great story, creativity and quality.
At Mélange Paris, all size, shade, beliefs, culture or disability are all fully represented in the products that we offer to our customers. We hope to further our mission to help uplift the self-esteem of those that have been disenfranchised and marginalised through accessible fashion.
At Mélange, we work every day to challenge the status quo; location, disabilities, size, colour or culture is no longer a deterrent to access to desired fashion.
Buy One Give One (BOGO)
It's our social responsibility to help bring more accessibility to basic amenities to those who need it the most around the world hence we are committed to the idea of giving away a portion of our products for free. We have formed partnership with local charities in Africa and other parts of the world to give away shoes, clothes, school bags and meals to feed school kids.
If you share the same optimism for giving back as us; if you like to champion the causes of the common man then join us in making a difference. Every sneaker  you buy, we at Mélange Paris pledge to also give one sneaker to the needy.

The products sold on Melange are all 100% original, purchased directly from the brands, licensees or official distributors. We personally verify the authenticity and provenance of each product....


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