Why Curvy Women are in High Demand

Why Curvy Women are in High Demand


Today’s average woman is larger than her counterpart of fifty years ago and as her fashion consciousness continues to rise, so does the demand for curvy women to model trendy plus size clothes on the runway.

This is why the market for plus size modelling has opened up for curvy large women. The industry must showcase the many fashionable outer and inner wear desired by today’s full-bodied woman.


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Admittedly the fashion industry has realised the need to promote more of plus size modelling, but have they taken advantage of this tremendously lucrative market?

Not near enough as many believe!

Fashion designers must wake up to the fact that big full-bodied women need trendy and fashionable clothes too and therefore need to see more of the larger models display such apparel on the runway.

Models of the 1940s Were Curvy Women


It is ironical that as early as the 1940s, what we now refer to as fat women were fashion models employed by U.S. based clothing manufacturers to showcase their large-size clothing.

At first, they didn’t appear on the catwalk but featured in brochures and catalogues for bigger sized clothing as sketches and artistic illustrations to sell clothing manufacturers products.

By the mid-forties, however, photographs of curvaceous women graced the fashion catalogues, thanks to the evolution of printing technology.


Today’s Plus Size Modelling


The bias against big sized people and fat women had kept the concept of modelling clothing for the benefit of those referred to as too fat, subverted. This had been kept out of the general public’s eye until the early nineties.

Though it may seem that many fashion designers are yet to embrace plus-size clothing designs yet as far back as five years ago, renowned fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier employed the services of curvy women to model some of his designs in the Spring 2006 showings, in Paris.

This is probably what heralded a greater awareness and appreciation of the curvaceous fat woman today in the 21st century. Now, there is definitely a great economic sense in employing fat models.

Plus size female models have also been used for showings as far back as three years ago, attesting to the fact that modelling agencies have signed on curvy full-figured young girls and women for regular showings and fashion campaigns.

These models are not only engaged in modelling plus size formal, couture and casual wears, they are also engaged in photography and advertising of so many products ranging from footwear to beauty and cosmetics, household products, fashion accessories, jewellery, pharmaceutical products, sunglasses, etc.

They can also give modelling services in jobs that are not strictly related to the retail of large-sized clothing.


Fat Models – Changing the Way Bigger Women Dress


More and more full-figured people are now getting more interested in the way they look to the outside world, and as more curvy models strut on the fashion runway, it will have a positive impact on the way they dress and boost their confidence too.

Regular showcasing of designs worn by plus size models will be an assurance that fat and curvy can also be beautiful. This will certainly make curvaceous women feel more of a partaker in the trendy fashion scene.

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