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Magical Energies of Diamonds

Adeyinka Aladejare

A Diamond Is Pricessless


Those born during the month of April have one of the most regal and desired gems as the April birthstone is Diamond. People love birthstones because of their beautiful colors and the personal aspects of giving them as gifts. But they are not only expressive to the recipient of a gift because of the connection to their birth month. There are many primeval meanings of varieties of gemstone which create new distinctive understandings of receiving them as presents.

In the past, birthstones were believed to possess magical energies that could be used as protection. Today, birthstones are given as gifts in the form of birthstone jewelry. These pieces, such as birthstone necklaces, earrings, and rings have a special meaning to those who wear it.


Birthstones are used to give good fortune on any particular occasions, like birthdays since the beginning of the first century. Gemstones associated with each month have designated measures and they are also a pleasant way to describe something about you.


Diamonds symbolize purity, eternal love, and faith. It is the ultimate birthstone because it has much strength and it is also the hardest element that can be found in nature. Diamond is made of pure carbon, much like graphite of coal. It is the special way the Carbon atoms are arranged that gives life to a Diamond. It is amazing how something of as being black and dark such as coal can turn into a beautiful Diamond with the forces of nature.

Not only are Diamonds beautiful and hard but they posses some physical characteristics that are unique. One of them is the way it can split white light into the colors of the rainbow. This is called dispersion and it is what gives Diamonds the sparkle that we all love. Diamond is also a very good conductor of heat but a bad conductor of electricity. When Diamond is being cut on a cutting wheel it can heat up so much that it melts the glue that holds the Diamond in position.

The stone was believed to increase happiness and financial prosperity. The gemstone is believed to play up an individual’s physical liveliness and help poise their emotions. This gem has been identified as the “stone of immortality,” which may have been the cause for the celebrated saying “diamonds are forever.” Considering the tough nature of diamonds, they make great ‘everyday’ jewelry. The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were splinters of stars fallen to earth. Some even said that they were crystallized lightning or hardened dew drops. In fact, the exact root of diamonds is still something of a mystery, even to geologists and scientists.

april birthstone diamon

Diamond is a priceless gemstone frequently included into some of the most contemporary, stunning handmade jewelry in the world. But beyond its modern-day uses and associations, diamonds hold a decadent spiritual, mythological and etymological history that add sentimental value to their already impressive aesthetic worth.

Colored Diamonds

Most people think diamonds are white or colorless gems, but there are also many colored diamonds. In fact, diamonds are available in almost all the colors of a rainbow plus browns, grays, and white. Of these yellow or canary-colored diamonds are most common. Blue, pink, black or green colored diamonds are rare. So they are more valuable as compared to the colorless ones.

The cold yet sparkling fire of diamonds has cast a spell on us for ages. Men and women have adorned diamond as the ultimate gift and a symbol of eternal love for centuries. They are the most famous symbol of enduring love, romance, and often grace engagement rings.

april birthstone diamond

April Birthstone Gifts

Many of us have friends and family with April birthdays, and we can’t forget about all the moms who are expecting little ones this month! For those that want a more meaningful gift, the purchase of a personalized piece of jewelry might be more simple and heartfelt. For the April celebrants’, a genuine piece of jewelry with the April birthstone incorporated will help commemorate their day.

Stamping a loved one’s name on the piece gives a more pleasant feel. Different designs can be customized and hand stamped with the names of loved ones. While the possibilities for gifts to give are endless, personalized jewelry makes a great gift for celebrating love ones’ day because the perfect gift always comes from the heart. A lasting piece of jewelry is something that will be treasured and remembered for a lifetime.

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