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Buy One Give One (BOGO)

Do you have a passion for giving back as us? if you like to put a smile on a kid's face in this coronavirus season then join us in making a difference. Every sneaker  you buy, we at Mélange Paris pledge to also give one sneaker to the needy.

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I bought the Kawhi Leonard "I'M a Fun Guy" T-Shirt and I loved it very much. Wore it during the Toronto Raptors Championship parade and got lots of compliments. The t-shirt is true to size and fits perfectly and also a very good quality. I was surprised at how fast the t-shirt was shipped to me, I received it  in 3 days and the shipping is free. Such a great deal, I'll be buying 2 more for my girlfriends.

Angela Jensen, Toronto, CA

Update, June 13, 2019. My phone FINALLY synced with my watch. Now my text messages come through my watch along with other notifications. So my rating went from 3 stars to 5 stars. I LOVE my watch!!!!!!!!

James Hardley, New York, NY

I bought a cute black Puma on this site and I loved it.  I bought my normal size and do have to say that because of the memory foam my feet are snug up against the top of the shoe, yes. But when my heel is against the very back of the shoe I have plenty of room for my toes so I would be afraid of getting a size bigger and having too much room. 

Amber Eurek - Berlin, Germany

So I ordered both the orange print one and the white striped bikini. And they definitely fit differently. I'm about 107lbs, 5'5" and got a size small. In the oranges print, the cutout sides completely covered the front, whereas you could see the side cutouts from the front with the white.  I LOVE the style of the white one. The white was also a little cheekier then the green one and comes up a little higher on the thighs...

Angela Kunz - Sydney, Australia

Bought two smart watches and recieved them. I used one when working it's easier to see my messages without my phone. The other watch I used for working out and it's really effective.

Yvie kIngs, Edmonton, CA